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Snail mail, that constant stream of notices, bills, checks, packages and junk, can require a killer management strategy to maintain order, especially if you run your own business. Recycle this, file that, deposit this other; staying on top of business and personal correspondence takes time. And what if you happen to travel a lot, or receive mail at one address but live or work at another? What if you rely on mailboxes and shipping outlets to accomplish your work? The very cool guys at Scan Mailboxes have given all of these questions–and more–a lot of thought and have come up with a host of brilliant solutions for all your long- or short-term professional and personal mailing needs.

Launched in April of this year, Scan Mailboxes–an online postal mail scanning and forwarding service –provides an impressive range of mail-oriented services including mail scanning, check depositing, mail delivery and mail forwarding. The young business is doing quite well, handling the needs of a growing list of global and local clients. “We offer a mailroom outsource solution, which keeps businesses from having to hire a full-time mail clerk, etc. We work with our clients on a case-by-case basis to determine exactly how we can address their needs,” says Scan Mailboxes co-founder Ken Brown.

In addition to their standard menu of services that allow customers to check their mail online, shred or recycle unwanted mail, provide access to a temporary mailbox solution and receive on-demand mail delivery, Scan Mailboxes offers full document imaging services and photo scanning services. Scan Mailboxes is also a Registered Agent Service. A company that fails to properly maintain a registered agent can be negatively affected. Registered agents provide a legal address (not a post office box) where people working within normal business hours facilitate legal service of process in the event of a lawsuit. They also act as recipients of official state government documents that are required each year for tax and legal purposes. Their annual fee for Registered Agent Service is only $50 per year per registered business.

Scan Mailboxes is not simply the only business of its kind in Austin or in Texas, for that matter, it’s the only business of its kind in the Midwest of the United States. Scan Mailboxes co-founder Chris Landry says, “We want people to know we are here because we see so many people using UPS stores and alike or the U.S. Post Office because they don’t realize there is a better way. We provide a valuable service that saves people time by eliminating that wait in line at the post office or shipping outlet as well as the time and gas money it takes to go and check a P.O. box on a regular basis. We are a much greener, cheaper alternative to these other standard options.”

So how does it work? No matter where you live, your snail mail arrives at the Scan Mailboxes offices via your unique, designated Scan Mailboxes address in Austin. The staff then scans the front your envelopes and packages and emails you the images. You determine what you want done with the mail and Scan Mailboxes takes it from there. “Because we are located in a professional building, we don’t get much junk mail, which is another green aspect of our services,” Brown says.

Given the affordability (prices start at $9.95 a month), ease of use, earth-friendly ethos and sheer usefulness of its product, Scan Mailboxes is already looking like a new leader in a very old field.

Visit Scan Mailboxes at or 512-222-7002.

—Story by Ann Guidry


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