Gardener’s Class with Interpreter 5/16/15 – Austin

Hello everyone,

Thanks to our two interpreters, John and Lauren, this Saturday’s class will be interpreted for the deaf.

Saturday, May 16 at 9 am – Tim Miller, Local organic dryland farmer, presents “Water Conservation for Vegetable Gardeners.” Many Texas gardeners make an exception to water conservation when it comes to their vegetable garden. After all, we’re growing food here!

Get this: In 25 years of being a certified organic farmer, Tim Miller of Millberg Farm has never pumped any water from the aquifer for his growing needs! He is uniquely qualified to teach us how to grow luscious veggies, while making the most of the water that we have.

He is the 2015 recipient of the Agriculture Blue Legacy Award from the Texas Water Development Board – a governmental agency that works on conservation and responsible development of water for Texas. Learn how to use trench composting, furrows and dikes, mulching, cover cropping, and even weeds conserve our most precious resource – water!

Please come early for best seating.

We’re looking forward to your being here. Thank you all!


S. K. Rosina Newton,
Horticulturist and Education Coordinator

The Natural Gardener
8648 Old Bee Caves Road
Austin, Texas 78735

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