During the weekend of Southwest Softball Association of the Deaf Tournament (SWSAD) in Dallas on July 9-11, 2015 (next week). Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD) will be open on Thursday at noon for the SWSAD Executive Committee meeting, which will start at 2 P.M., and for the General Meeting starting at 7 P.M. Everyone is welcome to come and observe the meetings. Free admission! During the day of meetings, sausage/bratwurst from DAD grill will be on sale. YUMMY! The DAD Bar will be open and various drinks will be on sale.

Location is 4215 Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas 75219

Friday, July 10: DAD will be open at 7 P.M. until 2 A.M. for social gatherings.
Saturday, July 11: DAD will be open at 7 P.M. until 2 A.M. for social gatherings.
Admission for both Friday and Saturday will be free to members.

Because DAD is a private club, admission for non-members will be $3.00. You will receive a wrist band on admission which will be good for two days. DAD is one of the most modern Deaf Clubs in America. When you enter the facility you will be delighted to see all of the updates to our facility and beautiful decorations.

During the weekend of special occasion at DAD, you will enjoy getting acquainted with new and old friends alike. You can enjoy chatting, playing cards, music playing in the bar, or whatever suits you. DAD has a big colorful patio where you can chat and have a drink with your friends outside. COME EVERYONE!!! enjoy yourself at DAD during the weekend of SWSAD Tournament!!!…and return home with many wonderful memories. Please note–try to be there early for a parking space. If the parking lot is full, you are allowed to park your vehicle at the church across the street.

– Herbert Picou

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