Sean Forbes is Coming to Oklahoma!!

Deaf Hip Hop Sean Forbes Flyer Oklahoma


Deaf Hip-Hop Artist

Sean Forbes is Coming to Oklahoma!!

DATE: Friday, September 25, 2015
TIME: 7:00 PM

The tickets were $20 but we now offer $15 from now on.   Just ignore the $20 (see below)

VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education
Tulsa Community College – Southeast Campus
10300 East 81st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

Sean Forbes is a deaf American hip-hop artist. Sean became deaf from spinal meningitis when he was a few months old. Sean’s parents bought him a drum set when he was 5 years old and he started writing songs and playing guitar when he was 10. Sean grew up playing music with his siblings. His dad, Scott Forbes, is in a Detroit country-rock band called The Forbes Brothers.

Sean’s mom is a Pianist. “They played everything from The Rolling stones to The Beatles, all big band music and stuff like that.” Sean attended R.I.T./N.T.I.D where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mult-disciplinary studies focusing on management, accounting, and communications. Eminem was one of the first people to actually see one of Forbes’ music videos.

Sean’s long time producer and collaborator is Jake Bass, together they have penned over 100 songs, many of which they perform live. Sean recently had Oscar award winning actress Marlee Matlin co-star in his music video for the song “Let’s Mambo.” “because I play drums, I play guitar, I write songs, rapping is just something that I do because you don’t want to hear me sing

Tickets: $15 After August 1, 2015 $20. Three ways to order tickets,

1. Online: May be purchased at any time online at

2. Phone Call: call the ticket office at (918) 595-7777 during 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please note that there is a $2 per ticket convenience fee for all phone orders.

3. In Person: If tickets are purchased at the ticket office there are no service fees. The main ticket office is located inside the main lobby of the TCC VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education.

Deaf and Loud
Tulsa Community College

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