The Educational Resource Center on Deafness Discovery Retreat – Killeen

The Educational Resource Center on Deafness (ERCOD) has a fantastic Discovery Retreat planned for Texas High School deaf and hard of hearing Juniors and Seniors this Fall!!  The theme is The Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Hunting and students will learn how to use scientific methods to explore unexplained paranormal phenomena such as ghosts.  It all happens Halloween weekend October 30 – November 1, 2015, at Peaceable Kingdom in Killeen, TX.
At this retreat we will explore what ghost hunting is all about and why the TV show “Ghost Hunters” has become so popular.  Students will have an opportunity to learn what type of equipment and evidence ghost hunters use and how they can evaluate this evidence on their own.

Whether a skeptic or a true believer in ghosts, this weekend will be an exciting one for your student!  We will have a great time exploring why so many people are fascinated with ghosts and teach students how to decide for themselves if they are real or not.

Check out our Discovery Retreat October 2015 website for more information about the retreat. Nominations to DR Oct 2015 are due on Tuesday, September 15th so please submit the Nomination Form for your student(s) TODAY or forward this to school staff who might have students who would enjoy and benefit from this retreat! This will definitely be a phenomenal weekend for students!


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