Street Tour coming to University of Houston

Street Tour coming to UH!

Street Leverage is bringing its Street Tour to the University of Houston.  StreetLeverage’s StreetTour is a speaker series designed to introduce sign language interpreters to contemporary ideas that encourage reflection upon their daily work and a rethink of the story of the sign language interpreter.

Date:  Saturday September 13 & Sunday September 14, 2015

Price:  $135 total access for 2 days, $75 student discount access for 2 days

Location:  UH – Social Work Building

Address:  3511 Cullen, Houston Texas 77204

Trudy Suggs will present, Interpreters: The Path From Deaf Disempowerment to True Allies. Participants can expect to explore potential conflicts and conflict resolution in circumstances where they may be unsure of cultural, professional, and personal boundaries. Participants will also work to understand the role of disempowerment has played in the oppression of Deaf people and will develop strategies on how to become true allies to the Deaf Community.

Language Pledge

The official language of StreetTour – 2015 is American Sign Language (ASL). To that end, all program details will be delivered in ASL. * No English interpretation will be provided.

For more details and to register, go to:

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