Are you a Deaf Woman and Visionary? Artist? Founder? Entrepreneur? Apply today!

Are you a Deaf Woman and Visionary? Artist? Founder? Entrepreneur? Apply today! 

Happy Thursday! Wow!! We are receiving great numbers of applications for the book. Can you take a good guess how many applicants? I will give you a hint. It is more than a quarter, close to 40 women. My goal is to see 100 women and their stories published in the book.

This book will highlight Deaf/HOH/DeafBlind Women who are pioneers in their field and true role models for deaf women across the globe.

By sharing your story, you will receive:

  • a professional headshot
  • your own copy of the book
  • social medial sharing of your favorite quote
  • networking opportunities
  • personal branding and marketing
  • a platform to share your vision and your light

We are seeking for diverse backgrounds who are a lawyer, professor, policy maker, nonprofit founder, writer, producer, massage therapist, much more, are you one of them? Your stories are inspiring and remarkable for our youth girls to look up! You are our role models.

We can’t wait to interview with applicants and create the inspirational stories. Applicants, Irina is going to contact you and have your appointment booked for the meeting via Zoom (video conference) with committees shortly.

Barely can’t wait to share the good news. Once confirmed, will share with you immediately!

If selected, you will be invited for a photoshoot and light refreshment in:

San Francisco, CA – March 4, 2017
Austin, TX – March 18, 2017
Washington, DC – March 19, 2017

Thank you, Rachel McConnell, our awesome graphic designer for designing this flyer! Here you go to share and spread the words for the ones who haven’t apply.

Deadline to apply: March 1, 2017. Apply for the book:

Cheers, Sofia & Irina


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