Obituary: Brenda Eileen Westbrook-Ewing

Obituary: Brenda Eileen Westbrook-Ewing

Born: 1957 Died: 2019

Brenda Eileen Westbrook-Ewing: loving mom, wife, daughter, and grandmother passed away on 5/17. We’ll be holding a memorial and reception for her at a local church in Bastrop. We encourage people to take the mic and share positive stories and memories that you have of Brenda. Don’t worry. This is an all inclusive space for people of all religious beliefs (or lack there-of), despite the church location and encourage everyone to express their mourning in whatever way they need to.

Brenda was a kind, loving soul and a great mom, wife, and grandmother. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 4, 1957 to parents Tommie Jean Westbrook and Billy James Westbrook. She graduated from the Texas School for the Deaf in 1978 in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 61, leaving behind two sons, her husband, and several grandchildren.

Everyone is welcome. Please stop by. There will be food and a space for people to share their stories and remember Brenda in a positive light. We are in mourning, but we want her memorial to be a celebration of her life and the positive memories we have of her.


Memorial service: 

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