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Effective September 11, 2013

Religion Resources will not update until further notice, we get too many requests updated (new address, new service, etc.) while lacking time permit to update every detail. If you know somebody (maybe you can do it) who have WordPress skills and willing to volunteer time to help us with updating specifically this page. Let us know! Let us know!

If you want to add your church information on our list. Please provide me following list.

  • Name of church
  • Type of religious (option)
  • Physcial address
  • Telephone number (TTY, voice, fax, cell phone)
  • E-mail address & web site address
  • Brief comment such as provide CART, need to request interpreter when needed, etc.

When you have all information ready, email to info at deafnetwork dot com

NOTE: Always call first before actually attending to make sure they are providing service specifically for you.

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