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January 30, 2002 - By Grant W Laird, Jr.

Motorola T900 Most of the provider offers RIM models, Talkabout T900 and Timeport. (Two-way pager) Of course, you can check out some of the latest cell phones, (It is not part on this list) which offer wireless Internet, IM (instant messaging) and two-way messaging. This is only my intent to give you better picture what to pick out there in today market. They all offer many new additional services frequently.

Note: I didn't list all service & optional for each company. We are expecting to see more new kind of two-way pagers in 2002 and beyond. Make sure you do your research before making any final decision. For your information, I do not get any special funds from any of these companies.

Do you know that relay service will offer online on two-way pager and/or cell phone with WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) access? Stay tuned! -- WebLink Wireless probably has best coverage available anywhere in US. They've expanding more services for deaf and hard of hearing community. They have remote email manager, text 2 voice, much more. Definitely must check it out! -- Arch Wireless offers many same services as other companies. One of the most recent announcements that Arch Talkabout T900 user they now can check MSN Hotmail web-based E-mail at additional fee. -- SkyTel is well known company that offers deaf and hard of hearing community for long time. They offer all kind of pagers including Timex Internet watch. They also have variety program that assist such as TTY to pager, voice to pager, etc. They have special rates for deaf & hard of hearing Skytel user. Metrocall from Virginia selling from two-way pager to cell phone (AT&T). This is just another provider you can check out! -- Wynd Communications is now part of GoAmerica Company. Only one of two companies that offer wireless TTY as part of the pager. They also have AOL services, which is a plus. You also can have WAP as optional on RIM models at additional fee. -- ReachNet is now part of Telecommunication Systems (TCS) Company. This is another company that offers wireless TTY on pager. They also have several other features such as PULSAR, Live Web, text to voice, much more! -- One of the newest companies operating by a deaf owner from California. They have interesting concept with lease-to-buy pager package. Take a look! -- Another newest companies that operating by a deaf owner from Las Vegas. They are not just offering two-way pagers but also Palm (PDA) with vibe built-in mode, too.

Finally, Verizon, Nextel, Cingular, MCI, Sprint, AT&T, and many other provider companies also offer similar services. (Make sure it has e-mail and/or two-way messaging capability; mainly on cell phone & PDA) Of course they do not offer wireless TTY that I know of. You can purchase directly from online, authorized dealer or local store such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, etc.

Do not feel hesitate to email me anything related to exciting two-way pagers world! My email address is [email protected]


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