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4th Annual Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf

4th Annual Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf

Hello everyone!

Have you heard of an upcoming event in Chicago – 4th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, June 12-15, 2013 in Chicago, IL?

Please check out who should attend 4th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf in Chicago, IL

Visit: http://deafbusiness.org/whogo.html


Are you worried about getting layoff from work or job loss in the near future? Get strategies to keep your job!

Register online and attend a breakout session “Layoff Proof Planning Strategies that matter”, June 14, 2013

Who will attend: State and Local Government deaf and hard of hearing employees and Corporate employees

Visit and register online: http://deafbusiness.org/


Are you new or inexperienced or dummy in business? Searching solutions for your business needs? You are NOT alone! Welcome to Biz Club 101!

Biz Club 101 is a social learning unique experience designed to not only get you up, how to, start up … participate in developing the activities and focal points for this great event. Business mentors will be there!

Visit and register online: http://deafbusiness.org/bizclub101.html


Buy a booth at 4th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf

If you are looking for the right avenue to promote or seize your business or product or service, come and get everything you need to take your business to Chicago, IL! Chicago, IL area is your market!

Contact us: http://deafbusiness.org/exhibition.html

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