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Job Opportunity: Director of Public Relations

TDI LogoJob Opportunity: Director of Public Relations

The Organization:

Established in 1968, Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (TDI) is a consumer advocacy organization that provides leadership in achieving equal access to telecommunications, media, and information technologies for 48 million Americans who are deaf and hard of hearing. TDI publishes the TDI World quarterly magazine and the annual TDI National Directory & Resource Guide, also known as the Blue Book. In odd numbered years, TDI hosts a biennial conference where consumers, industry leaders, and government officials gather to discuss accessibility trends in technology. For more information about TDI, its website address is: http://www.TDIforAccess.org

The Opportunity:

TDI is seeking a talented and versatile professional for the position of Director of Public Relations. This position is based at TDI’s office in Silver Spring, MD. The ideal candidate will have a strong and clear commitment to developing and maintaining TDI’s public image via the TDI website, print, on the radio, TV, and various social media.

Position Responsibilities:

The Director of Public Relations manages all related public relations work for the organization. The following are responsibilities of the position:
Serves as the Managing Editor of two publications, the Blue Book, and the TDI World Magazine.
Periodically posts eNotes to TDI members and others in the general public, in addition to managing TDI’s social media presence such as Twitter and Facebook.
Maintains the TDI website, www.tdiforaccess.org. and related E-Commerce.
Maintains and periodically updates the TDI membership database.
Coordinates efforts which create a favorable image of TDI, its services and its role as a change agent at the national level to advance and protect the rights and privileges of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in America.
Promotes and maintains effective working relationships with key officials and representatives in media, government, industry, consumer advocacy organizations, and others involved in providing services to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.
Works closely with the Executive Director to develop an ongoing public information program through various media, newsletters, and other avenues in order to keep all interested parties apprised of the advocacy activities of TDI as well as deaf and hard of hearing individuals rights and privileges related to telecommunications, media, and information services.
Maintain regular communication with TDI’s members, corporate sponsors and others in industry and business, the media community, and government.

Operations management and production of the annual resource guide and directory, commonly referred to as the Blue Book, the quarterly TDI World magazine, the TDI website, www.tdiforaccess.org, and TDI’s eNotes. As circumstances warrant, the position will assist in public policy filings, grant writing, attending public forums and meetings, administrative duties, and fundraising.
Provide operational support to the organization during the planning and implementation of TDI’s biennial conferences.


Applicants will be expected to meet the following criteria:
A Masters’ Degree is preferred. However, candidates with at least a Bachelors Degree (in Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, or other applicable field) and a minimum of three (3) years of job related work experience will be considered.
Work experience must be able to demonstrate competence in working with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, familiarity with the media community, program planning, web design & maintenance and grant writing.
Practical knowledge of disability and/or civil rights law and their history, especially in areas related to TDI’s mission.
Demonstrable success in grant writing.
Demonstrable record of stellar project management skills.
Proven network of contacts and relationships within the media community, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing population.
Demonstrated skills must include:
Excellent interpersonal and written communication.
Ability to build connections between legal, political, business, philanthropic, and disability communities.
Successful strategies in solving problems and bringing together divergent agendas.
Long-term planning ability and proven implementation strategies.
Basic ability to use HTML/CSS.
Excellent ability to use Microsoft Word and Excel.
Past work experience should include successful:
Advocacy at the individual and systemic levels; including state and federal issues.
Analysis of political landscapes and programmatic trends.
Interagency coordination/cooperation.
Quality media relations.
Development and maintenance of websites.
Practical application of a variety of social media tools.
Knowledge of:
Federal, state, and local programs and services for people with disabilities and their families.
Current trends in national disability advocacy and provision of human services.
Current trends in telecommunications, media, and information technology with an eye to possible accessibility features or lack thereof.
Basic experience using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Basic ability to work with WordPress (or willingness to learn).

Ability to:

Communicate fluently in American Sign Language is preferred, but the willingness to learn and be conversationally fluent within two years is mandatory. Have some familiarity with other communication modes that are commonly used by deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
Conduct yourself as a critical team player with other staff, volunteers, and interns. Provide mentoring and supervision to interns as necessary.
Be flexible to work under irregular and extended schedules.
Use own vehicle or local transit services within the metro Washington, D.C. area to attend meetings.
Occasionally travel throughout the United States.
Be a self-starter; manage schedule and establish priorities that correspond to the mission and goals of TDI.


TDI offers a competitive salary and customary benefits. The salary range for this position is $45,000-$60,000, depending on education and experience.

To Apply:

All applicants must submit a cover letter and resume electronically, which includes a list of at least three professional references and compensation requirements. That can be completed by applying online here:

Online Application: https://tdiforaccess.org/job/director-of-public-relations/

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Claude Stout, Executive Director of TDI, at [email protected]


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