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Interpreter Workshop: Deaf Trix Bruce Presentations 3/24-25/17 – Beaumont

Golden Triangle Interpreters for the Deaf

March 24 – 25, 2017

Trix Bruce Registration

Golden Triangle Interpreters for the Deaf
Trix Bruce
to Beaumont, Texas

March 24 – 25, 2017

Workshops and Performance*
…all events presented in ASL

Friday, March 24, 2017
5:00pm – 9:0pm
Trix’s Discoveries: Visual Interpreting and Translating from English to ASL
Trix effectively guides, interpreters working on English-to-ASL skills. Challenges in rendering ASL from English source material are refined by expediting visual thinking skills. Boosting mastery of a wide range of classifiers facilitates visual imagery.

Saturday, March 25, 2017
8:00am – 5:00pm
Evolving from Old to New Signs

This workshop will give you plenty of examples of old, obsolete signs that you may want to eliminate from your repertoire, and new, modern-day representations. Through the years, Trix has spent a vast amount of time mentoring interpreters. She noticed that a lot of interpreters continue to use outdated signs without thinking about changes and signs that represent what we actually use right now; Trix has put together a fascinating workshop offering updated signs.

If we use outdated signs, how do we expect Deaf students to grasp the ideas we are trying to convey? We will have demonstrations showing outdated signs and current signs.

This information has been gleaned from various schools. There will be several opportunities for hands-on practice. We’ll share some sign bloopers that easily cause misunderstanding, and we’ll work on how to target the true meaning of certain expressions.

It’s amazing how so many signs have evolved! Take advantage of this opportunity to nostalgically remember old-time signing and to become more aware of present-day signs.


Saturday, March 25, 2017
“The Trix Bruce ASL Storytelling Spotlight”
Yes, Trix is profoundly Deaf – but don’t be afraid to approach her! Using ideas from the audience – whether people know sign language or not – Trix captivates with an impromptu mix of pantomime, drama and comedy for a night of hearty laughter! There are words, and then there is Trix Bruce. She can tell you the story of her life, without uttering a word. Trix is a storyteller, a poet, an actress, and a one-Deaf woman show. Family Friendly*.

For registration, fees, additional information, or directions contact:

Paige Abshire, GTID Treasurer
(979) 218-7533 cell/text
or [email protected]

Book Trix Bruce ASL Performances Now! Enliven Your Special Event! Trix Bruce is ASL entertainment extraordinaire! Her nationally-acclaimed presentation skills will inspire members of your organization and community. Trix will amaze and delight Deaf students and larger audiences with her popular and exciting shows! She is available to provide a fun performance show for your school or organization. To see samples of her work, find available times while she is in your town, and further information, visit http://www.TrixBruce.com. Please contact Trix ([email protected]) with any questions you may have.

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Download registration form: Trix Bruce 2017 Registration

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