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HB 548 Language Acquisition for Deaf/HH Children


HB 548 Language Acquisition for Deaf/HH Children (Ages 0-8)

“The 86th Texas Legislature finds that children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing are often at risk for language delay or deprivation. The purpose of HB 548 is to generate and monitor data on the language acquisition of children eight years of age or younger who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

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  • Nothing new has been posted since the January Engage newsletter was published.

As LEAs begin implementing HB 548, questions arise and new information becomes available. Please continue to ask questions, and please pay attention. This portion of the Engage newsletter will be updated monthly. (see link below)


  • Submit your questions by completing this FAQ HB 548 Google Form.
  • This FAQ document will be available soon.
  • Contact Emily RobinsonD/HH Program Administrator & State Director of RDSPDs, or Susie TiggsState Lead for Deaf Education.

Information provided by ESC Region 11 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services




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