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OBITUARY: Pedro “Chacho” Moreno

Pedro "Chacho" Moreno Obituary

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In loving Memory
January 16, 1957 to February 2, 2021

Pedro “Chocho” Moreno, first born to Pedro and Rosa Moreno, was born January 16, 1957 in Monterrey, Mexico

Growing up, his Deafness never limited him from enjoying music, dancing, and developing an appreciation for working with his hands. He was known in Mexico for being a stellar soccer player, winning many competitions.

He met his beautiful wife Raquel while they were both attending the same school. They were married on July a29, 1979 and were blessed with two children, Pedro and Becks. He led the family through many challenges with fervor and zeal. For example, adjusting to life in a new country, acquiring two new languages, and learning to support a family.

While in the United States, by way of his wife, Pedro came to learn about Jehovah and the truth found in the Holy Bible Through much study and discussion, he came to appreciate what he learned. He symbolized his dedication to Jehovah on February 10, poor uniting with his family as a servant of Jehovah.

Pedro spent many years supporting the local sign language cooperation and made many friends. Many of those appreciated his kindness, humor, creative storytelling, and generous spirit. He made sure to approach those newly learning the language and assist in teaching them, providing correction when needed, and making sure they felt welcomed to the congregation. His sacred service was displayed by using the many talents he had: assisting with maintaining the Kingdom Hall and taking care of Bible students. His love for Bible students was clearly visible through his warm smile welcoming them to the united Christian brotherhood. He would treat them to a meal, repair their vehicles when needed, provided transportation to the meetings and field service, deliver groceries, and demonstrated the utmost patience while teaching them how to use Zoom to the meetings

Despite the hundreds of miles separate him from his siblings and other family, Pedro remained very close to them. In his last moments he made sure they knew both the love he had for them again and of his hope of seeing them again in Paradise earth. His kindness, humor approached demeanor, and generous spirit will be missed by all who knew him. While those who love him mourn his passing, we find comfort in the Bible’s promise regarding friends or God Job noted “You will call, and I will answer you. You will long for the work of your hands. ” (Job 14:15)

Those left to cherish his memory arc his wife, Raquel, son Pedro Jr., and his daughter Becky: siblings Gustavo and his wife Julie, sister Chela, sister, Juana and her husband Bruno, sister Mary as well many other family members, lose friends, and the beloved family dog, Husky.

If you would like to reach the family, we can be reached at

Pedro Moreno Jr – 214-727-2229
Becky Moreno – 469-544-7435
Raquel Moreno – 214-272-0076 VP




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