Golf Program Gets A Boost at TSD

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Passion and Perseverance Ignite Golf Program at Texas School for the Deaf

Sertoma Club Partners With Top Deaf Golf Competitors to Coach, Inspire
Rookie Players

Austin, Texas – April 15, 2011 Austin Sertomans are passionate about golf.
They also know the influence the game has on a person throughout a lifetime.
This helped drive Sertomans to persevere in establishing a spring training
program and connect with successful Deaf golfers to coach and mentor
prospective players at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD).

Sertoma is acronym for SERvice TO MANkind, whose national focus is to assist
those with hearing health issues. The Austin Sertoma Club is a long-time
community partner of TSD’s, providing support for many school programs and
scholarships to deaf and hard of hearing students, for more than 30 years.

Through a number of fundraising events, the Austin Sertoma Club installed a
practice green on the campus at TSD and provided all the equipment for the
students to get started. But, the school still needed an experienced golf
coach who could communicate with students in American Sign Language (ASL).

Austin Sertomans quickly began looking for ways to help TSD and the students
interested in learning competitive golf, when along came PGA Apprentice Deaf
Golf Instructor – Mike Houston, and Brandon Babineaux – 2009 U.S. Deaf Golf
(USDG) Champion, both fluent in American Sign Language.

USDG teammates, Houston, who has worked with TSD for several years hoping to
get a full-fledged TSD golf program started, brought in Babineaux, who had
recently captured the USDG title.

“Someone like (Babineuax) is exactly what these students need to get
motivated and serious about the game of golf. He’s young, he’s competed
successfully, and he’s got impressive credentials, says Houston. The members
of Austin Sertoma have been working hard to get this program off the ground
at TSD. I’m just glad that we’re all finally cooperating with the same goal
in mind now – a future competitive golf program at TSD.”

Currently 10 students with various skill levels practice four days a week
with Babineaux. Houston volunteers to lend his expertise as well, helping
Babineaux refine his coaching skills, and working with the students. They
also lean on Austin Sertomans and a number of deaf golf enthusiasts as
additional role models to help keep students interested and invested in
mastering their golf skills.

“We are just getting started and having a lot of fun, says Babineaux. We
have a few promising recruits. I do hope, with enough practice, we can take
this somewhere and be competitive.”

WHAT: Texas School for the Deaf Spring Golf Training Program

Middle school 3:30-4:30 pm
High school 4:30-5:30 pm

Golf practice green
Texas School for the Deaf
1102 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78704

MORE: The Texas School for the Deaf is the oldest continuously operating
public school in Texas. Educating deaf and hard of hearing students of Texas
since 1856, the campus also provides outreach and educational resources for
students, their families and professionals in the field throughout the state
of Texas. With educational excellence and a strong belief in a culture and
community at TSD, students form a unique identity based on their individual
strengths and talents. TSD is an environment where students learn, grow, and
belong. For more information about the Texas School for the Deaf, visit

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