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Welcome to the largest Deaf Network website and newsletter in Texas. We have been engaged in this endeavor for an extended period, and we are pleased to introduce the 6th edition of our redesigned website. The new design maintains a down-to-earth approach and ensures user-friendliness. Should you encounter any issues while navigating this website, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

In November 1997, Patty Laird Germundson (cousin) and Grant Laird, Jr. embarked on a business venture originally named Deaf Network Services, which specialized in web design and advertising. Patty later chose to venture into her own cake and cookie business. When Brenden Gilbert and his family relocated from California to Dallas in 1999, he agreed to go into partnership with us in establishing our web hosting enterprise. Our joint efforts gave rise to a new business named Crazy Technologies. While the businesses mentioned are no longer operational, the Deaf Network website remains well-recognized within the deaf community in Texas, particularly for its prominent role in email-based announcements and newsletters. Presently, Brenden continues to collaborate with us on various projects while concurrently maintaining a full-time role as enterpriser & consultant.

Note: These businesses are no longer in operation; additional details can be found below.


Since the summer of 2008, we have sold our web hosting business. However, we continue to operate the Deaf Network of Texas and Deaf Coffee. (DeafCoffee was handed over to a friend in 2018.) These ventures are exclusively managed by Grant Laird Jr. We collaborate with a diverse array of individuals, organizations, and businesses. We take pride in having elevated our engagement within the deaf and hard of hearing community in the 21st century.

Our renowned Deaf Network email-based newsletter and announcements are still going strong, with a current subscriber base exceeding 4,000 individuals. Additionally, we have garnered over 10,000 likes on our Facebook page. If you haven’t yet joined our mailing list, we encourage you to connect with us and sign up now. Membership is open to all and comes at no cost.

Now, you might be curious about the individuals overseeing the Deaf Network website and newsletter. Grant Laird Jr. is the driving force responsible for maintaining both the website and the newsletter.

Grant W. Laird, Jr.

Who is Grant Laird, Jr?

Grant Laird, Jr. was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and relocated to Texas at the age of 11 with family. He completed his high school education in Arlington & Richardson, Texas and briefly attended a community college before beginning a career at Texas Instruments Inc., where he has accumulated over 35 years of service. Currently, he is happily married to his wife Katie and is the proud father of two grown daughters, Jessica and Amanda, from his first marriage. He also takes delight in being a grandfather to four grandkids.

Being part of the fifth generation of deaf individuals within his family, Grant shares this identity with numerous other deaf members across his extended family.

Throughout his life, Grant has been actively involved in various organizations. He previously served as the president and board member of the Texas Association of the Deaf. His commitment extended to multiple roles, such as participation and volunteering with the Deaf Action Center, SWCID Advisory Team, Deaf Celebration Expo, Dallas Mayors’ Committee with Disabilities, and the National Association of the Deaf. His dedication has garnered recognition through several awards, including the Volunteer of the Year and Honor of the Year Awards from Deaf Celebration, Inc., the Star of the Year Award from the Dallas Mayors’ Committee with Disabilities, the Employee of the Year Award from disAbilities Magazine (including a feature on the magazine’s front page), and the Golden Hand Award from the Texas Association of the Deaf and the National Association of the Deaf. Advocacy for the deaf community has been a central focus of Grant’s activism over the years.

Notably, from 2016 to 2019, he held the positions of chairperson and another role at the Deaf Celebration Expo, highlighting his ongoing commitment to fostering deaf awareness and community engagement.

Currently, Grant Laird, Jr. resides in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, together with his wife Katie and their two deaf / one hearing cats. During his leisure time, he enjoys engaging in activities such as reading books and graphic novels, swimming in the pool, and a few other projects.

If you’re interested in having Grant Laird, Jr. as a speaker at your special event, please reach out by sending an email to [email protected].

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Grant’s Tattoo Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect with Lone Star Tattoo

Updated: April 11, 2024

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