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Updated: 01/01/2009

One of the most important things you should ask yourself — why should I spend money on advertising on Deaf Network website and email group blast? In case you did not notice, DN is primarily focusing on the Texas deaf community. We believe that the deaf community is not a niche market — because we include interpreters, family members, friends, cochlear implant users, hard of hearing and senior citizens. 

Why is Deaf Network so popular these days? It is hard to relay good sources of information from the deaf community media these days. Internet has pretty much replaced traditional media such as magazines or newspapers. What's more, traditional media does not list all small stuff in it. We do! We include everything that the deaf community wants — special events, announcements, church activities, fund raising, interpreter training, conference, advocacy, non-profit organization activities, and much more! More than 50% of the messages that we send out are free.

To monitor Deaf Network statistics for the website — please contact me for account & password and I will give it to you via email. It has to be protected due to security reasons. Email us at [email protected].

What is Deaf Network anyway? DN has been in business for over five years. DN saw this opportunity during dot com boom in the late 90's. We also help other organizations start their own website. During that time, the Internet was still NEW. Over years, we've been fortunate to have wonderful people working with us to  make it possible.

Who originally started Deaf Network? Grant Laird Jr. started Deaf Network in November 1997.  In 1999, Brenden Gilbert and Grant Laird got together and decided to  add Crazy Technologies and put Deaf Network under it so we can serve anybody not just the deaf community. In 2001, Brenden Gilbert agreed to enter into a business partnership with him. Brenden primarily focuses on the technical side of things but also runs day to day operations for the web hosting side. Please see "About Us" for more details.

Near the end of 2002, we decided to split Crazy Technologies into two different divisions: Deaf Network and Crazy Web Hosting. Grant runs the Deaf Network division while Brenden manages the Crazy Web Hosting day to day operations.  Nowadays we serve a large number of various clients from all over the world for web hosting, web designing, network/computer setup, and much more. To learn more about our company, please go to http://www.crazytech.com.

How do we advertise with Deaf Network? We are open to any advertising ideas you may have and we will figure something out to make it possible. Again, the Internet is a powerful medium and it has clearly become a big important part of the deaf community these days. We acknowledge that not everyone has Internet access but it will change as time passes by.

Any question or comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

468×60 and 250×60 banner AD style
You are responsible for providing the graphic banner in jpg, gif, or swf format. It has to be exactly 486×60 in size. We have right to reject any banner ads if we feel it is inappropriate to display.  Also, we do not offer any special cost deals for non-profit organizations at this moment. We can install rotation banner if request.

If you sign up for the 6 month deal, you will get a bonus: a one-time basic email group blast at no charge.   If you sign up for the 12 month deal, you will get one-time plus  email group blast at no charge.  To learn about e-mail blasts, check out this.


1 month

6 months

12 months


468×60 web banner
web pages (3,000+)





250×60 web banner
web pages (3,000+)





60×468 web banner
web pages (3,000+)




Note: We do offer all other type of advertising methods such as vertical banner, pop-up ads, etc. We will customize and fit them into our Deaf Network website as needed. All ad banner comes with stats and you will get your own access to view it at any time. Great way to track your own ad banner.

Email Footer One-Line Advertising
We send out a lot of email blasts monthly for the deaf community in Texas — approximately 25-50 monthly. Why is it such good idea to put a one-line advertising on all DN messages? Think twice – it will stay on email for as long as they save the email in their inbox. Maybe they will forward some interesting information to other people. We do have email group blast archives in our website. We currently have over 2,000 email addresses in our database.


1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months















All price are subject to change without notice!