Relay Service Online


Updated: 02/29/2012

Relay Service Online (text) and Video Relay Service are now available to anybody that uses relay phone calls over the internet and it is all free, even when you call Long Distance (IP-based only). It is open to everyone in Texas as well as nationwide.

Remember all these relay services online are still new and you may experience technical problems from your side or their side. If you know of other relay services online, please let us know.

Text Relay Online: (TRO – Shown only major companies on list)

There is also Video Relay Service (VRS). It is the same concept as relay services online but you get to see an operator that can sign (certified interpreter) for you over the internet and uses video conferencing while you are making the phone call.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is not the same as VRS. (VRI is not listed on this site, sorry.)

If you don’t have a computer and/or video conferencing (or even hi-speed internet access), go to your local deaf-related service. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Houston have free public video relay computers for you to use during their office hours. Make sure to call first before going to their office.

  1. Hardware – the company usually sells or leases videophone & accessories.
  2. Software – the company provide software (or app) for you to download to your PC or laptop with webcam, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  3. Online – the company provides access to service online without installing anything on your computer.

Video Relay Service: (VRS – Shown only major companies on list)

For FULL VRS companies list – click here.

For personal use with video conferencing with your friends (deaf or hearing) over internet, you can use (at NetMeeting) – it is open to anybody. Also, you can try another product such as camfrog or sightspeed programs.