Newsletter Policy

Updated: 9/25/2011

Since 1997, we’ve done Deaf Network e-mail-based newsletter & announcements for our deaf and hard of hearing community in Texas. We want to go over a few things you should know.

  1. Anybody can sign up regardless at Deaf Network web site. We have ability to remove e-mail address on our list if they abuse or threat our operations.
  2. We do not charge fees on following list for our newsletter and announcement.
    * Nonprofit local service such as Deaf Celebration, Golf Tournament, etc.
    * Nonprofit local & state service such as DCCD, TAD, SHHH, etc.
    * Local & state-funded program such as TCB, DAC, GCD, DARS
    * Church special event only (not regular Sunday information)
    * ASL courses, training, workshops, etc.
    * Community activities
    * Special events
    * Much more!
  3. When you submit the announcement or advertising, you have to e-mail us directly with attachment (doc, pdf, JPG, GIF, etc.) but please make you also provide us text only file. (Required) Click here to post your announcement.  However, if you have file(s) attached that need to send to us, just email to info at deafnetwork dot com.
  4. Please do NOT wait till the last minute to request your announcement. One week advance is RECOMMENDED! (Otherwise, your chance to see on mailing list and website is very slim!) If you have biggest event of the year, send it to us six months advanced.
  5. The Deaf Network Team will review all news and announcements before it is released to our subscribers. Attachment is not permitted due to security and file size reason, however we can put your attachment into our server (or your own web site) where there is an option to download themselves.
  6. Yes, we do take advertising for our Deaf Network subscribers. It cost only $10 bucks (text) or $20 bucks (html) per blast. If interested, please contact us or go this site. It helps keep us stay in critical business and room for growing in the long run.
  7. We have right to reject any message if we feel it is inappropriate or not met our requirement (see above) to share with Deaf Network subscribers.
  8. We are open to any ideas or suggestion. This is your reliability, accurate and quality information you can depend on every day!
  9. You can look up Deaf Network messages archive under Yahoo Groups. There are currently over 600+ messages. You will need to use a Yahoo ID to access this feature and it is free. Great for research! (January 2000 – January 2003)  And there’s over 10,000 archives in our Deaf Network since January 2003 till present. It’s even easy to find a specific topic by using our search engine. Or try our tag cloud. Great for research too!