Advertising Opportunity

For advertising opportunity, only $10 bucks!

Basic Version – $10.00 per Email group blast — Plain text-based message only Hyperlink permitted

Plus Version – $20.00 per Email group blast — HTML codes permitted (keep it simple for better viewing) color / bold / different size picture and/or graphics Hyperlink permitted More!

  • Family oriented or related advertising only
  • Your advertising will be automatically 1st priority over free advertising.
  • Your advertising is free if you are part of Crazy Technologies family. (discontinued)
  • Largest mailing list in deaf community of Texas
  • All transactions are non-refundable

Note: If two different vendors want to put advertising on same products (or equivalent), we will not put your advertising right away till 48 hours grace period expire. We feel it is fair to all vendors. For example, Vendor A put advertising about “Sidekick” pager, then Vendor B will have to wait till grace period expire, then we will post it right away.

Thank you for your understanding. We accept credit card payment via PayPal. Another payment methods, please contact us first!

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Any questions, email us at info at deafnetwork dot com

Updated: 12/04/11