City of Garland to Install New Outdoor Warning Sirens

City to Install New Outdoor Warning Sirens

February 2013, Volume 21, Issue 1

By Garland City Press (An Official publication of the City of Garland)
SirensThe City of Garland will soon begin installation of the new outdoor warning sirens approved by the Garland City Council in the 2012 Capital Improvement Program. The existing siren system was taken offline in 2011 due to lack of reliability with aged equipment.

The new system will consist of 15 sirens strategically located to warn those in public outdoor gathering spots throughout Garland. The sirens will feature the latest technology including flashing LED lights that will alert persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing that they need to seek shelter and additional information.

In December, the Siren Site Selection Team worked with City departments and GIS to determine the placement of the sirens. The team staked out each site with signage that informed residents of the impending siren, and provided them with contact information for additional questions or concerns. The final site map was taken to the Parks and Recreation Board for approval in January prior to installation.

To reduce costs and traffic disruptions, City officials have arranged for the old sirens to be removed when the new sirens are being installed. Construction is set to begin in February, and it is expected the system will be fully functioning by April.

During this system upgrade, the Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor severe weather conditions and provide warnings via CodeRED, Weather Warn and Twitter. Remember that outdoor warning sirens are not intended to be heard indoors and emergency officials urge residents to remain alert to changing weather conditions and to have multiple means of receiving emergency warnings.


Sirens are designed to serve as a warning for people outside of a residence or business. If sirens are heard, seek sturdy shelter immediately. Go to an interior room, away from windows and exterior walls, and turn on a radio or television to a local station for more information.

Sirens will be activated for:

* A tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service
* Tornado or funnel cloud reported by a reliable source
* Sustained winds in excess of 60 mph
* Reports of hail larger than one inch
* Chemical spill emergency
* State or national emergency declared by the governor or president
* Other emergencies as appropriate

CodeRED Telephone Emergency Notification System

February 2013 Garland City Press Edition (PDF)

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