Farewell Party for Dwain Thomas

Mary and Isido Gutierrez are pleased to host a farewell party in honoring of Dwain Thomas, a son of Patrick and Mamie (now deceased) Thomas which will be held on Saturday night, September 23rd at 8 o’clock at Dallas Association of the Deaf (DAD), 4215 Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas.

Dwain’s application for a job at Sign Language Association (SLA) in Silver Springs, Maryland was accepted. He will be moved to Washington, D.C. on September 27th where he will reside. He is a sign language interpreter.

He is a current employee at the Merritt Interpreting Service of Dallas, Texas.

Dwain is a well-liked by the Deaf community. The way his personality is somewhat excellent and he does with his nice smile to anyone while dialogue with the deaf people. His ability is to become a professional interpreter.

The Deaf people want to show how much they appreciate the way he did a wonderful job as their interpreter. Of course, it would be a great blow to the Deaf community.

The party givers want to invite the people to their farewell party who only know Dwain, saying “Good-Bye and We Will Miss You.”

If you wish to contribute money to help Dwain’s expenses to Washington, D.C. that will be greatly appreciated.

Remember to mark your calendar, Saturday night, Sept. 23rd at 8 p.m.

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