Computer Repair – Houston

Computer Repair – Houston

$35 Virus Removal. Is your computer running slow? Does it freeze? Does it
crash (blue screen)?

Does it restart by itself without warning?

Come to Morayo Communications and get the problem resolved. Very reasonable
rates. You don’t pay unless you’re satisfied with our service. For $35,
we’ll get your computer running like when you first bought it.

For a little more money, we’ll update your Windows, help you add other
software you might need, help you backup your data before performing
operations on your computer. Most of our rates vary between $35 and $100.

Morayo Communications, 6420 Hillcroft Street, Suite 209, Houston, TX 77081.
Ph: 866-552-4660. Fax: 713-777-4055. Text: 281-865-2050.

Kunle Adegboye
Email: [email protected]

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