Two Deaf-Blind Pups: Home Wanted – Waco

Two Deaf-Blind Pups: Home Wanted – Waco

These guys were brought in by ACO on August 10, 2010. The adult female is
VERY sweet, as are the pups. There are 2 male pups about 10 weeks old. There
is also a pup with chocolate markings who is not affected by any genetic
mutations. She is female and also will need a home (perhaps as eyes/ears for
one of her brothers:).

They just need a special and understanding home. Deaf/blind dogs can be
trained with ‘touch’ training. I will personally help transport anywhere
that we can get these guys safe. We are so over full that I don’t think I
can keep them safe for long. I’m not positive these are even pitties. The
ears are straight up on the adult. very cute!

Please pass this on quickly, and if you can help, contact Fallon at
[email protected] or 254-754-1454. The Waco shelter is full!!

Thank you so much

Fallon Jones
Foster/Rescue Coordinator’
Humane Society of Central Texas
254 754-1454
cell 254 495-8461

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