Seeking graphic or web designer for a great cause

Seeking graphic or web designer for a great cause

When: October 4 – 15, 2010

Where: Texas

A deaf development team ([2] has joined AIR
(Accessibility Internet Rally) Austin, a fun rally / competition where
non-profit organizations that need a website are matched with web
development teams. This is hosted by The goal is to build
websites 100% accessible to the disabled and get more web developers trained
in accessibility. Not to mention the non-profits getting help!

In exchange for doing the website, we get training in accessibility, a free
t-shirt, and possibility of winning awards. Before the rally, we work with
the non profit to develop a design and site plan. On the day of the rally
(Oct 16) we will code the whole website in one day. Then they have an
awards ceremony where the best and most accessible websites wins an award.

We are looking for a designer or CSS guru to join the team where we can work
together remotely to put together a design, not very high commitment. It
would be awesome, but not required, if this designer can come to Austin on
Oct 16 to join us for the rally – it’s supposed to be a lot of fun, with
adrenaline, coffee, high energy. We MAY need this person to come on
November 4 for the awards ceremony as we may be out of town then.

If this designer is deaf, then it will be the very first all deaf team to
join this competition, which takes place in San Antonio and Houston. Maybe
next year this designer can get together their own team closer to home! But
deafness is not a must – can be someone who knows some ASL.

Bottom line, this is a worthy cause and we will share everything we learned
about accessibility in our training classes with the designer. With over
15 years of experience between us, we are excellent at being organized and
gathering complete details from the client – minimizing the amount of effort
on the designer’s end.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected] with link
to your portfolio or samples of your web designs attached. The interested
designer MUST have at least some experience designing specifically for
websites. The work may be done in Fireworks, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
or similar software. OR – be a pro at crafting very nice looking designs
straight in CSS / HTML.

Contact: Lee Whitworth – [email protected]

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