Closed-caption display bars added to pre-council, Council chambers

Closed-caption display bars added to pre-council, Council chambers

Posted Jan. 17, 2012

The City of Fort Worth took another step forward in its ongoing efforts to
open clear channels of communications with the installation of two
closed-caption display bars in the pre-council and City Council chambers at
City Hall.

The displays will help communicate proceedings to deaf and hard-of-hearing
members of the audience during council meetings at City Hall — pre-council,
City Council, Housing and Economic Development Committee, Audit and Finance
Committee, and the Crime Control and Prevention District Board.

The two display bars — at a total cost of $9,490 — will be fed by the same
closed-captioning service that provides the displays for the cable TV and
online broadcasts of the live meetings. The displays are a little more than
3 feet wide, 9 inches high, and rated for easy viewing from up to 50 feet

“It’s going to look just like what you see on TV when you use the
closed-captioning option,” Mayor Betsy Price said. “We think this will be a
great addition. More importantly, it will help us be even more inclusive in
our efforts to be open and accessible representatives of all of our


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