Deaf & Blind Woman Hit By Car

Deaf & Blind Woman Hit By Car

Updated: February 13, 2012


A woman’s leg braces may have saved her from suffering severe injuries
after she’s hit by a car. Paramedics worked on the 31-year old victim
shortly after the accident.

Officers tell 3News, the woman was hit by a silver car as she was
crossing McArdle trying to get home.

She lives at the Oso Bay Apartments. The victim’s legs were pinned
under the car. Her injuries could have been much worse, officers tell
us, if it wasn’t for the braces on her leg.

“The lady got off the bus, she’s legally blind and deaf and she
attempted to cross and she darted out as this guy was pulling out of
the parking lot and he hit her,” says Sgt. Ross Richards with the
Corpus Christi Police Department.

The elderly man who hit the woman was taken to the hospital. He was
complaining of chest pains. No tickets were handed out over this


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