Houston Area Teenagers 3/10/12

Houston Area Teenagers 3/10/12

If you are a Houston area teenager, or you know any deaf teens in the
Houston area, we are starting a new Deaf Youth Ministry in Houston at
Holy 3-in-1 Lutheran Church for the Deaf at 8311 Waterbury Street,
Houston, 77055. We will get together at 4:00 PM on Saturday, March
10th. We’ll have pizza, soda, snacks, signed music, videos, a Bible
lesson and a lot of fun! We will also discuss what we would like to do
in the future – perhaps go bowling or to a water park or ???? For the
Deaf kids who attend TSD, we will be doing the same thing we do at
church on Wednesday nights.

Pastor Mark Seeger from Jesus Lutheran Church of the Deaf Youth
Ministry will be leading the Houston Youth Ministry.

The purpose of this ministry is NOT to steal you away from your own
church. We just want to get together to have a good time like we do in
Austin. Feel free to invite the Youth Pastor from your church to
attend with you. Bring your friends, too!

For more information, contact Pastor Mark at [email protected]

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