Online Petition Reinstate AHAS Program In Texas

Online Petition Reinstate AHAS Program In Texas


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Texas ranks #1 in disaster declarations. Between the years of 2006 –
2010, citizens of Texas with communication needs enjoyed full inclusion
and access to emergency alerts for threats to life and property via the
AHAS (Accessible Hazard Alert System) program.

The AHAS program provided accessible communications before and during
an event that threatens the live or property of Texans. This program
served people who face challenges in receiving critical alerting
information in accessible formats such as American Sign Language,
Braille and voice/captions and could be delivered to any internet
capable device.

It’s proven that clear and effective communication is a crucial
component of emergency management in mitigating the impact of an event.
Simply put, communication can save lives and help protect property.
Alerting programs are at the core of this concept.

This program was abruptly and unilaterally cancelled in January 2011 by
the State of Texas. Sixteen months later these citizens of our State
remain without effective communication during events that may threaten
their lives, going from total inclusion to total exclusion and putting
citizens at needless risk.

Texas ranks #1 in disaster declarations. We should rank #1 in
accessible communications.

Please spread the word to your family and friends to show their support
and sign the petition.

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CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

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