Hurry, Buy Your Deaf Senior of America 2013 Combo Now! Deadline: 12/31/12

dsa2013_logoHurry, Buy Your DSA 2013 Combo Now! Save $50! Deadline: December 31, 2012

What is “DSA”? Deaf Seniors of America!

What is “DSA2013 Baltimore”? Maryland Deaf Senior Citizens (MDSCC) committee is hosting the Deaf Seniors of America in Baltimore in August 2013.

DSUSA has been posted announcements, flyers, reminders, pictures and videos since August 2012!

Oh…go check who the chair and vice chair are and look at the “funny” picture of them. You will laugh!

Does DSA2013 Baltimore committee have the website or facebook? YES!


Last, does DSA have its website? YES!


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