Deaf Taste Social 5/18/13 – Dallas

Deaf Taste Social – Dallas

It’s beer time! Remember, it’s a taste social, not always a meal! I have picked the location here in the heart of Dallas. It’s at Deep Ellum area called… of course, Deep Ellum Brewing! It cost $10 to enter. The event starts at 12pm and end at 3pm.

Be aware, it cost $10 to enter, you get a tour, glasses and complimentary beer.

The seating is UNLIMITED! There isn’t really a place to sit, I believe. There is a BONUS! THey will have FOOD TRUCK on location! I don’t know what they will have, it’s random, but it’s supposed to be gooooood! See you there!

WHEN: Saturday, May 18th at 12pm til 3pm. I STRONGLY you come before 12pm! DON’T MISS IT!

WHERE: See Facebook link. 🙂

Please show up on time, so we can be together in a group. BTW there is location information under the link!

Please LIKE our Facebook before the join for the event. Thanks!

** No children, please. Interpreters and CODAs are OKAY **

Contact Sam Dunn at [email protected]

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