Aste the Slowest Cheetah – ebook with ASL video

Aste Cover Graphic

Aste the Slowest Cheetah – Ebook with ASL

Aste is the slowest cheetah in all the land. He tries and tries but cannot increase his speed. This makes Aste feel very ashamed. A slow cheetah? How utterly humiliating.

When Aste’s gentle mother is captured by dangerous poachers it’s up to him to save her. Will Aste be fast enough? Brave enough? Resourceful enough? His mother’s life is at stake.

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated ebook in American Sign Language and English available at Apple’s iTunes store at-

Brought to you by the group that created the popular Alistair the Armadillo.

Written by Josh Balli
Signed by Tobin Zolkowski


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