Need Your Help: Assisted Living for DeafBlind

Ahmed AL GhazawiDear friends,

I’m the new legal guardian for a deaf and handicapped adult for whom I need to find an ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE in Texas if possible. Perhaps someone on this list would have a few minutes to speak with me by phone about ‘the rules’ for Medicaid / Medicaid recipients, so I will be better informed. I would greatly appreciate your counsel.

I’m also trying to identify an assisted living residence that
a. Accepts Medicare / Medicaid
b. Is located in Dallas (If possible)
c. Has at least a few deaf residents.

Please note that I’m not looking for an assisted living center for the deaf. Only a handful of those exist in the nation, and Heritage Square in FW, where he formerly lived, is being investigated for serious violations of the law. My fried’s health is gradually worsening and at this time I feel that an ASSISTED LIVING RESIDENCE where a just few of the residents used ASL – his language – would be appropriate for him.

I am the guardian for Ahmed Al Ghazawi. He’s blind, deaf, has MS and has been abused by his family and the administrator of Heritage Square, against whom a legal suit will be announced.

Anne Marie Weiss
DFW International Community Alliance
Email: [email protected]

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