More Updated: DeafACT Summer Workshop – Austin

SIGN UP!!! DeafACT Summer Workshop!

DATE: July 20- 22

Texas Union Building
Austin, Texas

Your kids bored? Interested in theater?? Learn from the best in Deaf Theater! Check out who are teaching your kids!!

Chuck Baird will be teaching Theatre seminar. He has been acting for 30 years!! He took part in almost every production and won as the best actor in “Rashmon.” He was part of National Theatre of the Deaf as an actor for 10 years. He was also involved with Deaf West Theatre.

Dr. Steve Baldwin will give a brief history of NTD (National Theatre of the Deaf) and discuss the history of American Deaf Theatre in general. He has written about 30 produced plays and directed several plays at the high, college, and community theatre levels. Among the many awards he has received for his theatrical writing are the NAD Literacy Award and West Texas Chamber of Commerce Achievement Award.

Franky Ramont will be discussing translating from English into the ASL concept from the script of Sleepy Hollow, our upcoming show in the Fall. Franky has taught ASL at six different universities since 1994. Besides teaching classes, she also holds acting workshops, advocates for the Deaf, acts and performs for video and stage productions, and tells stories in ASL for various groups.

Ginny Lamoureux is teaching Foundations of Acting. She has written, directed, and consulted programs for banquets, seminars, schools, and fundraisers for various professional organizations including Habitat for Humanity and Teen Life Challenge, as well as churches and church organizations. Ms. Lamoureux has been coaching and teaching acting, singing, and directing for 25 years.

Stephanie Lamoureux & Melinda Castro will be teaching Creative Movement. Ms. Lamoureux received a Column Award for Best Actress in a Musical and an Irene Ryan Award nomination at the American College Theater Festival. Ms. Castro participated in the Chamberlain Musical Theatre Workshop for many years, she is now an assistant choreographer for the workshop and for the Chamberlain Musical Theater Junior Company. Ms. Castro has recently been awarded the Nordan Fine Arts Scholarship to attend Texas Christian University.

Jessica Tremblay will be teaching you all about Stage Makeup. Ms. Tremblay is on her 20th year of dance and currently working on a degree in Studio Art. She is currently teaching jazz, tap, ballet, and lyrical at The Danceworks in Round Rock, TX.

Patty Germundson is teaching introduction and history of American Sign Language (ASL). Students will learn how to use ASL by using expression, body and facial movements, and classifers. Patty is currently studying Special Education at Texas State University. She has been involved with various projects: participating in the Shared Reading Project, co-founding, and volunteering her time in variety organizations.

Caroline Koo will be teaching your kids on how to Act with ASL. Caroline teaches Pre-Kindergarten at the Texas School for the Deaf. She enjoys working with Deaf children and encouraging them to reach their highest potential. Reading, traveling, and fine arts are a few of her interests.

Come and sign up today!!! You won’t regret it! I promise! Interpreter will be provided! All kids are welcome (Children of Deaf Adult, Hearing, and Deaf) You are not required to know Sign Language. Anyone can come from age 5 to 18. Let’s have fun!!

Patty Germundson
Outreach Director
DeafACT, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

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