Air Travel Access

Eye on Washington
Air Travel Access
August 3, 2006 — Vol. 5, No. 5

By Kelby N. Brick, Esq.
Director, NAD Law and Advocacy

Greetings everyone,

Last week’s action alert and video on videophone numbers resulted in an awesome response. The NAD Headquarters staff are always inspired by individuals who care enough to take action and make a difference in the world.

If you have not taken action, it is not too late!

Go to:

Air Travel Access

The NAD has also been working hard on air travel access. The NAD and other consumer organizations have filed documents with the Department of Transportation (DOT) arguing that deaf and hard of hearing air travelers should have the same access as hearing air travelers.

For example, video media on airlines should be captioned. Televisions in airports should have the captioned feature turned on as well. There are other access issues as well. There is, however, a problem. Airlines are opposed to ensuring access. They are now trying to persuade the DOT that captioning is, among other things, too complicated and expensive.

The NAD is urging consumers to file comments with the DOT informing them that captioning and other access issues are important and that the DOT should support the NAD position.

It’s easy! Follow the instructions at:

If you want more information, go to:

Because of the positive response from members on last week’s video, we made another short video in American Sign Language (with captioning!) explaining this issue at:
(I used a web cam for this video, so it may be blurry).

Thank you for caring enough to make a difference!

Kelby Brick, Esq.
Director, Law and Advocacy


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