Winter storm causes problems across Texas

Winter storm causes problems across Texas…

If you are not sure if workshop and/or event cancels due to winter storm, please visit website or contact them directly. For more winter tips, see below. Be careful out there.

Deaf Network of Texas Team


Road conditions and weather


Texas road conditions: (800) 452-9292;

/travel/ road_conditions.htm

Austin road conditions:

Williamson road closures:

Area utilities

Austin Energy (electric, water): 322-9100

TXU Electric: (800) 242-9113

San Marcos Electric Utility: (512) 393-8313

Bluebonnet Electric Co-op: (800) 949-4414

Pedernales Electric Co-op: Check local directories

Georgetown Community Owned Utilities: 930-3555

Cedar Park Water Department: 258-4121

Leander Water Department: 259-1142

Round Rock Public Works Department: 218-5555

City of Taylor: (512) 352-3251

Sources: Austin Police Department, Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utility, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

In the home

•When using a gas heater, be sure there is ventilation in the house, and be aware of heating sources that can increase levels of carbon monoxide. Do not use stoves as a heating source.

•Be sure to extinguish any candles or fires in fireplaces before going to sleep.

•Check batteries on smoke detectors to make sure they are working.

•For homes using electric heat: In case of a power outage, turn off heat until power is restored.

•To prevent frozen pipes, wrap outside pipes, and let faucets drip slowly. Also, turn off automatic watering systems to prevent icing sidewalks.

•If frozen pipes burst, shut off water to the entire house.

•Keep cats inside. Don’t let dogs off the leash on snow or ice; they can lose their scent and easily become lost.

On the road

•Maintain a safe distance from car ahead.

•If skidding, take foot off accelerator instead of jamming on the brakes. Turn steering wheel in direction of skid, gently straightening wheel as you recover.

•Move all collisions off the road. If cars are unmovable, stay in the car with seat belts on until rescue crews arrive.

•If stranded, stay in the car and tie a colored cloth to the car for rescuers to see. Keep one window slightly open, and use the heater about 10 minutes each hour.

•Have flashlight with extra batteries, emergency flares or hazard reflectors, and ice scrapers in car. Keep extra coats, blankets and water in car.


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