Marlee Matlin is looking for a CODA Family for a reality show

Solo One Productions (Academy Award winning actress/producer Marlee Matlin & Jack Jason, CODA) is looking for a family, specifically a CODA (Children of Deaf Adult) family with one or two young CODA’s who come from a large Deaf family (ideally, multi-generational Deaf) as a subjects of a reality show; in the vein of “Little People, Big World” on The Learning Channel.

We are seeking video submissions for families to consider. Here the guidelines:

-A two to five minute video, preferably DVD format
-The video should be from the CODA’s point of view but Deaf members should be included. Make sure they are interpreted for the hearing producers we work with that don’t know sign!
-The video should talk about who is in the family, where they live, etc.
-Make it as fun, interesting as possible; whatever you think would make your family the ideal candidate for a reality show about the daily life of a CODA family.

Send your videos to:

Marlee Matlin
Jack Jason
Solo One Productions
8205 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

If you are a CODA family or know of one, send in a video. (Videos submissions cannot be returned). You or your friends could be the next reality sensation. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s out there.

Many thanks,

Jack Jason, CODA
Solo One Productions
[email protected]

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