SWCID Reunion 2010 Newsletter 8/4/09




Last month on June 5, 2009, some of the SWCID Reunion committee came back to Big Spring, Texas, we had too many errands all day. We tried to finish everything. Outside was very hot. Finally we went hotel and have nice air conditioning and nice hot tub. It felt good. Next day we took some pictures and looked around for what we needed and to prepare for SWCID Reunion 2010.

– We’re almost finish with the combo. Remember it is your responsibility to check on our website at www.swcidreunion2010.com and click it to see all information there. Then fill in the blanks and send the combo form along with your personal check or money order to your Host or Assistant Host. If you want to sleep at SWCID dorm or HOWARD college dorm. Remember this is going to be a first come, first serve basis.

SWCID & Howard College Dorms

SWCID has about 96 rooms and Howard College dorm are limited up to 100 people. After the dorms are full, then you need to find the hotel or motel or other place, which we have already put on our SWCID Reunion website with information on there that I gave you. Remember hotels / motels have about 600 room.

Early Bird Combo Forms

We will put the new combo form on our website soon by September. At the same time while TSD (Texas School for the Deaf) will have their homecoming on September 2009. You will be welcome to come the booth and pick up the combo form. You need to pay combo in MAIL ONLY. Not in person. We are being fair to everyone. Remember this is a first come, first serve basis.

Polo T – Shirts

We will put the polo shirt and T-shirt on our website when it is ready as soon as possible. If you want to pay or buy early. You are welcome to pay early or wait until SWCID Reunion 2010. We will sell the polo shirts for $ 20 dollars and T-shirts will cost $ 15 dollars.


If you want to pay or buy the ” early bird ” combo, when you get to SWCID Reunion next year in July 2010, so that you won’t have to wait in the long lines. When you arrive just tell us your name, which you have already paid. Then we will give you your free bag with souvenirs and information. If you have not paid yet, and when you get to the SWCID reunion, you will have to wait in the long lines. That is up to you, it’s your decision.

Sports Activities

If you want to get involved or participate in sports that we will have disc golf games, bowling games, softball games, and racquetball games. Please let Lisa Wynn – Host know so that I can send you the form to your email (s) if you give me your email addresses. So that you can fill out the form and see how many people would like to play or participate in the sports events. We will announce the schedules. If there are a lot of people then we will divide the times from Friday and Saturday. If there are only a few people then the games will be on Saturday only.

Volunteer Help

If any one would like to involved or help volunteer for our SWCID reunion. Please let Lisa Wynn – Host know. So we that we can discuss about it. Thank you for your help.

SWCID Alumni

Lisa Wynn – Host wants to know if you are interesting to have SWCID REUNION Alumni book. Please send me your information for example, your name, are you married, how many kids you have. What kind of work are you doing now, where are you now, something like that.

Professional Photographer

Also another thing if you want to have or are interesting to have a group picture with frame. If you want to then I will have to call a professional photographer to take the pictures of the group. We need your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Friday / Saturday Banquet

Banquets for Friday and Saturday: Friday, we will have Mexican fajitas banquet. Saturday, we will have Texas BBQ banquet. Of course we will have side foods that go with it.

Yearbook Information

If you want to buy SWCID Reunion 2010 yearbook. The cost is $75.00 dollars until December 31, 2009. Then will increase to $85.00 dollars from January 1, 2010 to July 31, 2010.

Let me explain about the yearbook. Our SWCID Reunion 2010 committee will work the yearbook as a draft until July or August 2010 (end of month) then we will send it to the yearbook company. The yearbook company will work on it for about 3 to 6 months. When the yearbooks are ready, the company will ship / mail the yearbooks via UPS (United Postal Service ) to everyone. Please make sure that you give us your correct address and write clearly. We hope our explanation is clear to you. If you have any problems, suggests, feedback or advice. We want to hear from you.

Pictures Received

We want to let you know that we have a lot of pictures that we received the pictures from you. Send us more more pictures. We love to see share the pictures and we love to keep a good memory.

Exhibit Booths

We will have booths that if you are interesting to join. Please welcome, and we have a booth form that you can fill in out. Check on our website at www.swcidreunion2010.com . There is plenty of room. We will have 40 tables only. Come and join. Or do you have any questions. Here is my email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Sponsorship / Donations

We have information and forms if you want to sponsor with our SWCID Reunion 2010 or make donations. We welcome and appreciate your sponsorship and donations. We have a list of donations information which includes getting free supplies and / or souvenirs.

Thank you –

Lisa Wynn – Host



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