Two Aussie mix puppies need a good home – DFW

These 2 sweet and precious Aussie mix puppies need a good home.

We rescued them from a rural animal shelter that was going to put them to sleep in the gas chamber (not even humanely). They are about 4 months old and appear very healthy. They have great personalities.

The little boy, Shea, is a beautiful reddish/brown with clear green eyes and the little girl, Summer, is a “lethal” white with reddish/brown spots.

We would like to keep the 2 together as Summer is about 3/4 blind and we now think she is also 1/2 deaf. Summer adapts very quickly to her surroundings and has even learned to navigate around our swimming pool and 2 horses without drowning or getting stepped on. Both love attention and think they are lap dogs. Due to her disabilities Summer does rely on her brother when she is unsure of where she is or whos around, Shea runs off on his own but he seems to always know where sis is in case she needs him. Both are working on potty training, love it outside, get along with all the other dogs and cats and kids and horses.

We would love to keep them but unfortunately we have a Chocolate Lab that was here first and the Lab has, in no uncertain terms, let us and the puppies know that she was here first and is not going to tollerate the 2 newbies. I cannot leave them alone by themselves for fear the Lab will go after the 2 puppies and Summer just does not seem to understand that the big dog does not want her climbing on her and loving on her.

If you think you are interested in giving these two sweeties a loving forever home please contact me to arrange a visit. We figure we saved them but now we have to find them a permanent home.

469-235-4660 (see picture and contact info below)


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