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SWCID Reunion 2010 Newsletter 8/25/09


Newsletter – August 2009

HERE IS OUR AUGUST NEWSLETTER ABOUT SWCID REUNION 2010. We having a hard time working on the spreadsheet / database on Microsoft Excel 2007. Be patient with us. We just want to let you know that when we finish the combo, we will need to send a ” draft ” copy to SWCID Provost Mark Myers and John Green for approval, to ensure that everything looks good.

Then Mark will let us know before we can send out the combo to everyone in September 2009. We are trying and doing our best . Keep your eyes open in our newsletter or on our website when we put it there soon. Please print the documents and mail it with your payment in a personal check or money order. We will have an ” Early Bird Combo” with a cheap price. If you don’t get the ” Early Bird Combo ” then later it will be too late and the price will increase. Please watch out for our documents next month soon !


Also we are working on the T-Shirts / Polo Shirts / Cap Forms. We also will sell them as an ” Early Bird” sale price before the deadline, then it will increase. We will show you the logos and what it looks like. Please select a logo that you like of your choice.


Please send us more pictures so we can share the memories in the yearbook. Please be patient. We still working on it. There is alot of work to do. Until we finish with it then we will send the pictures back to you. Let us know if you have any questions.


If you live in Houston and surrounding areas, please contact Christine Kamal, if you are interested in helping with the car wash or bake sales.. We need it to fund raise the benefits for our SWCID REUNION 2010. Let Christine know.


Lisa Wynn will write a formal letter to the businesses in the Big Spring area, to see if they will help support our SWCID REUNION 2010.


The SWCID REUNION 2010 yearbooks are still selling for $75.00 until December 2009. Send your money order or personal check payable to : ” REUNION 2010 ”

Lisa Wynn
P.O. Box 2002
Sherman, Texas 75091


Christine Kamal
14250 Kimberley Lane # 308
Houston, Texas 77079


For the enterprises, we have a hard decision to make because there are two enterprises. We are still working on it and to wait and see if we will take both or select just one enterprise. This will all depend on the tight scheduling and if it does not conflict with the schedule. Let me know.. Give us your feedback or advice.

Our committee is working hard and we still plan to do a lot more work and call some business in Big Spring, Texas and Midland, Texas. You will see what?s going on in SWCID REUNION 2010.


If you are interested to get involved or volunteer with us for the SWCID REUNION 2010. Please let Lisa Wynn know and tell me what position you want.. We need lots of volunteers and help.


Is anyone up for a challenge or tourney? Teams or single? We will have bowling, softball, disc golf, and racquetball games. We are still working on sports form. Give us time because we are working on the combo first after that we will work on the sports form.


Check out our website for SWCID REUNION 2010 what’s going. Find all you need on the website, such as downloading your registration forms, combo, and many more. Keep looking out for it on there. Our website is : http://www.swcidreunion2010.com

Thank you

SWCID REUNION 2010 Committee

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