Pancake breakfast fundraiser helps students compete

Pancake breakfast fundraiser helps students compete


By: News 8 Austin Staff

The fifth annual Pancake and Country Jam Breakfast will be held at the Texas
School for the Deaf this Saturday, Feb. 6. The school is located at 1102
South Congress. Tickets are $5.

John Hodnett from the Sertoma Club and Ilan Ben-Moshe with the Texas School
for the Deaf came to the News 8 studio to tell us more about the fundraising

HODNETT: The Austin Sertoma Club has been involved with the School for the
Deaf since 1978, through scholarships and other programs, but the pancake
breakfast was started five years ago to raise money for children at the

This is the third year we will fund the MathCounts students. The seventh
grade students will go to Rochester, New York for a deaf school competition
in math.

The food is great. We have live music. We’ll have about 600 people this
year. Tickets are priced right. The meals are delicious, so we hope many
people come.

Q: One of those MathCounts contestants is Ilan Ben-Moshe. Ilan, what’s the
experience been like for you to go to MathCounts?

BEN-MOSHE: When I go it’s really fun. I really enjoy it. We went bowling. We
had the competition. We just do a lot of team work. We got first place last
year. Our team won first place and third in the individual competition, and
it’s just a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. I’m excited to go this year too.

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to have a funding mechanism to be
able to go?

BEN-MOSHE: It’s really wonderful to have that support – to have the fund so
that we can go and have other experiences and other kids can go too. So, I
really, really like this. It’s a good experience for everybody involved.

Q: John, what does it make you feel to be able to hear the response back for
the benefits that you’ve afforded?

HODNETT: Well, like I said, we’ve been involved with the school for a number
of years. We also built a golf green for them with our fundraising.

Through this project, we’re able to actually meet the kids, spend time with
them. They come to breakfast with us after they get back from their
competition, and they give a presentation to us as to what happened and how
they performed. It gets us more and more involved and it’s really a good


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