The Stories of Lillian Beard on Big Screen – Houston

Yon Are Invited!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 – 6:30 pm

At the end of the viewing, copies of the DVD will be made available for
purchase. 20% of the sales will be donated to The Lillian Beard Deaf
Connection Center.

The Stories of Lillian Beard On Big Screen!

Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church
9920 Long Point
Houston, TX 77055

This event is open to the public-Deaf, Hearing, interpreters, educators, and
all others will greatly benefit from this DVD. Don’t miss this great
evening. Miss Lillian and Bill Moody plan to be here with us.

713-467-3325 Voice
VP 832-431-3880

Announcing a new DVD!

Just a Pair of Hands:

The Stories of Lillian Beard
Directed by Bill Moody
Produced by Dan Veltri, Treehouse Video

As an infant, Lillian was “adopted” in 1908 by her parents who were Deaf. By
the 1920s, teen-ager Lillian was interpreting for her parents, her parents’
friends, and eventually for most of the Deaf community in Houston, Texas.
She was one of many Interpreters with Deaf Parent” who were called to serve
the hundreds of Deaf communities around this country.

For Texas interpreters, she is extra special. Ask the elders of Deaf
communities all over the country, and they will tell you stories about their
pioneer interpreters from the early days. These pioneers had the calling to
help Deaf people succeed in communicating in a world where people held gross
misconceptions about the Deaf.

“Miss Lillian” mentored and encouraged interpreters over the span of a
70-year career, and her stories run the gamut from CODA stories and adopted
kid stories, to meeting Helen Keller, and to interpreting for the 1964
meeting in which RID was founded and serving on the very first RID Board of
Directors. Her work at First Baptist Church in Houston was based on respect:
for Deaf people and for their precious language, for the “ways” of Deaf
people, and for the sometimes conf1icting “ways” of people who could hear –
respect for both sides.

Humble and generous, Lillian’s stories educate and entertain – not to be

DVD and Study Guide – $39.95 Plus shipping
Eligible for CEUs through Treehouse Video (CEU processing fee $15)

A portion of the sales of every DVD will go to the Lillian Beard Deaf
Connection Center of the Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church in Houston

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Download flyer: (PDF format)

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