Deaf-Blind Community – Need Your Help

Hi Folks!

As some of you may know, the focus of this year’s National Deaf-Blind
Awareness Week in June will be the need for SSPs (Support Service Providers)
for our deafblind communities across the nation.

Kris Cue’, the Chairperson of the Deafblind Service Center (DBSC) of Austin
will begin contacting and meeting with our state legislators in the coming
week to educate them about the need for SSPs right here in Austin with the
hopes of obtaining funding for a pilot SSP program in the next legislative

We also want to give our respective state agency commissioners a ‘heads up’
about our legislative goals as well as educate them about the need for SSPs.
WE NEED YOUR HELP!! One of the best ways to educate important people about
the need for SSPs is for members of the deafblind community all across Texas
to support us and join us at certain meetings. The meeting described below
is the first of those all-important meetings!!

And so, we are urging EVERYONE IN THE DEAFBLIND COMMUNITY – people who are
deafblind, professionals who work with the deafblind community, volunteer
SSPs, etc. – to make a special effort to come to this meeting so that we can
show our state agency leaders that we are serious about getting SSP services
here in Austin and in Texas. Kris Cue’ will be one of the speakers at this
meeting to talk about the need for SSPs and she would really appreciate your
support by being present.

If you can come and you will need an SSP, please contact Fred Newberry at
[email protected] and we will do our best to have a volunteer SSP for you.
If you will need an interpreter, please read the meeting notice below about
how to request one. You can also contact Kris Cue’ at [email protected] or
at 512-251-2550 if you have any questions about this meeting. Please feel
free to pass along this e-mail to those who would be interested in the

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

Kris Cue’
Deafblind Service Center of Austin

Public Meeting Scheduled: DARS Strategic Plan/Legislative Appropriation

The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) is seeking
stakeholder input for the agency’s 2012-2013 Strategic Plan and Legislative
Appropriations Request (LAR). State funding for DARS is determined in the
regular state appropriation process. This is a two-year budget cycle where
each agency or institution prepares a LAR that outlines their funding
requirements and/or needs for the upcoming biennium. This request includes
all sources of funds the agency expects to have available, including federal

April 8, 2010
Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center Auditorium
4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
4800 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78756

Additional information will be posted prior to the meeting. Stakeholder
input is essential to assist with developing the Strategic Plan and LAR.
Your contribution is valued and appreciated; if you are unable to attend the
public meeting written comments may be forwarded to
[email protected].

For persons with disabilities requesting accommodations, please contact DARS
Inquiries at 1-800-628-5115 preferably five business days prior to the
scheduled meeting.

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