SURVEY: Citizen Input for Legislative Policy Recommendations for January 2011

Citizen Input for Legislative Policy Recommendations, 82nd Legislative
Session: January 2011

One of the important functions that The Texas Governor’s Committee on People
with Disabilities is charged to do in its enabling law is to make
recommendations to the Governor and legislature each biennium on issues
related to Texans with disabilities.

The Committee structures its work into ten broad issue areas. They are
Access, Communication, Education, Emergency Management, Health, Housing,
Recreation and the Arts, Transportation, Veterans and Workforce.

The Committee wants to hear from its citizens with disabilities, family
members, caregivers and professionals in the field of disability issues. We
want to know what YOU think are the major needs and issues facing Texans
with disabilities. Your feedback is needed and welcomed.

If you have any data that you want to include with your comments that helps
bolster your feedback, please do include it or a link to it with your survey
comments. The survey will be posted until September 30, 2010. The
information will then be consolidated and considered as the Committee drafts
its biennial policy recommendations for the 82nd Legislative Session which
begins in January 2011.

This survey is anonymous. Please distribute widely to your community.

Thank you for your participation in this important survey. YOUR OPINION

This survey is available in:

* English:
* Spanish:

It is also available in Word, in large print, by U.S. mail, by telephone,
and by RELAY Texas 711. Call our office at 512-463-5739 for assistance or
email us at [email protected]

Angela English, LPC, LMFT
Executive Director
Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities
512-463-5742 or Relay Texas 711
email: [email protected]

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