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Jean Massieu Academcy Petition – Please Sign and Support us!

Regarding the possible closure of Jean Massieu Academy

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has notified Jean Massieu Academy (JMA) and Jean Massieu Foundation of its current standing. In a letter dated March 24, 2010 TEA indicates an accreditation of “Not Accredited-Revoked” due to the academic accountability rating of “Academically Unacceptable” for last few years.

On February 23, 2009 Jean Massieu Academy participated in a hearing in Austin regarding its current status. At that time, school data indicated promising results for years 2008-2009 as well as other significant staff and structural changes at the campus. The Board informed the Agency that it had contracted some of its financial services to the Education Service Center (Region 11 in Ft. Worth). This decision has allowed JMA to provide the
Agency all the required budgets and financial necessary to operate a successful Charter School. Since that time, Jean Massieu Academy has contracted ALL of its financial services to ESC 11 in Ft. Worth. In addition, the campus and board has continued to work cooperatively with all the Texas Education Agency staff assigned to Jean Massieu Academy to improve areas of concern.

On April 8, 2010, Jean Massieu Academy Board representatives and Campus staff will participate in a “records review” at the Texas Education Agency in Austin, Texas. This review will allow participants to present the various changes that have been implemented at Jean Massieu Academy to improve its instructional program, turn around its financial standing and adhere to financial audit requirements. Additional information from parents and community groups will also be presented at this records review.

If the Agency chooses to close Jean Massieu Academy (JMA), they will be:

* Closing a local, well loved school that now employs a certified, qualified superintendent/principal who has been an effective teacher leader and who has hired certified teachers, 84% of whom are now certified. This number will increase to 100% of teachers by the summer of 2010.

* Denying residents of Arlington and surrounding cities a promising school of choice – which gives a better education especially for the deaf and bilingual students, who would otherwise be “left behind” if placed back into the local public schools.

* Closing a school that creates an environment where students and parents feel a sense of “family” and “belonging” in strong contrast to other school options for its students.

* Closing a school where students are able to begin their education at Pre-School and stay until they graduate from high school. Typically, students enrolled in public schools may change schools every few years. Regional Day School students may change schools even more frequently

As JMF Board Members, we ask that you to get involved in this process to keep Jean Massieu Academy open by signing the petition below. We all need to work together to ask that the Texas Education Agency allow the school more time to implement and change the programs for students at Jean Massieu Academy

Above is enough reason for signing the petition, thank you. For more reasons or any questions, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] Please complete soon and fax back to JMA by early April 5, Monday early to 817-460-9867 fax.

Thank you for your support.

Jean Massieu Foundation Board of Directors (JMF Board)


We, the undersigned, request the Texas Education Agency (TEA) strongly consider allowing Jean Massieu Academy (JMA) remain open to allow more time for certified/qualified superintendent/principal and teachers, 100% of whom
will be certified by summer, to continue its progress toward improved instructional programs. When you have completed below or by April 5, 2010 – please fax to 817-460-9867.

Download petition: (PDF format)

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