Message from Dallas Deaf Club – June 2010

Message from Dallas Deaf Club – June 2010

Hello to all members and friends of DAD

I have wonderful news, the awning project is complete. It provides a real
nice shelter from the scorching sun. We are able to sip our cool drinks and
enjoy conversing with each other outside at the clubhouse.

I want to thank Rick Schaeffer and Ken Seabolt for their several struggles
with pre-planning/preparation for the awing project. I want to thank
Preston Ashley, Mitchel Bien, Barry Blalock, Jesse Carrizales, Pam
Carrizales, Ray Dean, Larry Fewell, Brent Going, Alfredo Gonzales, Will
Monteleone, Mark Phillips, Wayne Trotter, David Normand, Dennis Hill,
Herbert Picou, Anthony Jones, Albert Jaramillo, Andrew Beckham and Steven
Whitworth for physically help building the awning. Please accept my apology
in advance if I forget to include you or anyone who have helped with the
awning project. Once again, THANK YOU ALL who has helped to make this

There are many things we want to do yet time is going by so fast. Please be
patient with us. If you are interested to volunteer one or more of the
following committees that are listed below, please do let me know!

Award Night Nomination Committee – TBA
Award Night Event Planning Committee – TBA
Thanksgiving Feast Planning Committee – Callie Foster; Chairperson
Christmas Ornament and Craft Party Committee – Steven Whitworth and Melissa
Schiber-Hoffnagle; Co-Chairperson
New Year’s Eve Planning Committee – Sonja Cooksey and Steven Whitworth;
Mardi Gras Ball Planning Committee – Sonja Cooksey; Chairperson

Events for this month will be:

CINGO Night is on Saturday, June 19, 2010. Doors open at 7:00 PM and game
start at 8:30 PM. Bring friends and enjoy the game.

General meeting is set for Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 7:30 PM. I hope to see
you in the meeting.

The special event I mentioned in my last month’s President’s Message is the
screening of ASL Films: “Black Sand”. It is schedule for Friday night,
August 20 and Saturday afternoon, August 21. Tickets are available to be
purchase now, please see me.

I want to remind you that DAD has a website where everyone is able check our
upcoming social, activities and events. If you desire to use DAD’s meeting
hall for your party, please contact either me or Steven Whitworth
([email protected]). Please check the event calendar website:

We, the Board Directors and Members, are saddened to learn that we lost
another member, Alice Hill. Please keep Alice Hill’s husband, Carvin Hill,
Sr. and family in your thoughts.

Please keep Martha Beckham in our thoughts and prayers. Her husband, Andrew
has been faithfully been by her side for quite some time.

Have a great summer and Happy Father’s Day in advance on Sunday, June 20,

DADingly yours,
Donna Lide
[email protected]

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