Needed For The Children of Haiti

Needed For The Children of Haiti

June 8, 2010

“St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped”

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Handbells – String Instruments – Tactile learning with blocks, letters, and
play dough – Canes for the blind – ASL (American Sign Language) Educational

“Additional Supplies Needed See List Below”

Particularly needed now are funds to restore the music program and
educational supplies. If it wasn’t destroyed by the earthquake then looters
stole the rest.

The children in the blind program at St. Vincent’s are trained in music,
life skills, pre-Braille and Braille. Funds are always needed to support this
program to help these children become productive members of the society.
Many of these children are very musical.

The deaf are also trained in sign language and life skills. Dee Mathes (hoh)
and Nicole Zatzkin (deaf) are meeting with the staff of St. Vincent’s Center
in Haiti in July. We will be working to establish teams to return this fall
to teach/train the staff and teachers in ASL. We will also be exploring the
possibility of a medical team consisting of doctors, physical therapist, and
nurses. If you are interested in serving on a future mission team please
contact Dee Mathes.

If you are able to donate any of the items needed please contact:
Dee Mathes
[email protected]

All items are needed before Friday July 16th as we are leaving July 18th for
Haiti. Donated items may be dropped off at Mission United
Methodist Church:
721 N. 10th St.
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901

Additional Supplies Needed:

Copy book
Swingline Staplers
Ink for printer HP laserjet P1006 (Cartridge World $40.00)
Staples remover
Office cutting supplies
Glue stick
Magic markers
Safety scissors
Washable markers
ASL Posters
Educational toys
Bulletin board supplies

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