Houston Softball Teams Fares Well in Regionals

Houston Softball Teams Fares Well in Regionals

Houston was well represented at the Southwest Softball Association for the
Deaf softball tournament in Gulfport, Mississippi. Houston sent three
teams to Gulfport with hopes of winning the tournament. This tournament
was the first ever tournament where two regions merged into one tournament
so the tournament included teams from the Southeast Softball Association for
the Deaf as well.

The teams – Houston Heat (coached by Amy Mata), Houston Thunderz (coached by
Calvin Kermit), and Houston Xtremes (coached by Billy Koch). The Houston
Heat fared quite well for their second year in existence – they finished the
tournament 1-3 with an exciting win over Corpus Christi. The Thunderz
finished the tournament 1-2 with also an exciting win over Corpus Christi.

The Houston Xtremes an underdog, in the tournament expecting to finish 3rd
behind the favorites – Austin Toons (last year’s reigning Champion), and the
SouthernBoyz. The Xtremes played a hard tournament playing three potential
Top 6 teams in the Nation (Carolina, Toons, and SouthernBoyz) and fared
quite well. The Xtremes finished 2nd in the regionals for the 2nd straight
year and retained their fight to finish in the Championship game. Granted
they finished short of their goal of finishing as the Regional Champions –
but they took all the right steps of moving forward and keep moving up.

Zachary Reagan (Xtremes) and Justin Ashton (Xtremes) were named 1st Team All

Terrell Brittian (Xtremes) and Eric Garrison (Thunderz) was named 2nd team
All Star

Billy Koch (Xtremes) was named Manager of the Tourney

So now the Xtremes next stop is to head to Portland, Oregon for the National
Softball Association for the Deaf Tournament on August 5 -8, 2010. But we
are looking for donations and contribution from the community to help us get
there. We need to raise about $3,000 to go to Portland so far we have
raised $1,000 and need to raise $2,000 more. So if you would like to donate
or contribute to the team for the Xtremes to represent HOUSTON to go to
Nationals please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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