Let Purple Put an End to Hang-Ups

Let Purple Put an End to Hang-Ups

Did you know a majority of hearing people hang-up when they hear the message
“the person you have dialed uses a videophone”? That’s a lot of disconnects
for you or your business!

Now you can have Purple’s exciting features, like a Custom Voice Greeting,
right on your VP-200®.

Visit http://www.purple.us/cg/?refid=0220100702dfntwk01 to view a fun new
video on Purple’s Custom Voice Greetings.

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Warning concerning the use of VRS or IP Relay for 911 calls. TTY calls are
still the best means for emergency personnel to quickly identify a person’s
location. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1 using a landline telephone or a TTY to
ensure immediate attention and identification of your location.

At present, VRS and IP Relay cannot guarantee an immediate answer to your
call nor transmit your location information directly to emergency


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